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Mastering the Business of Professional Speaking

Most people who leave their corporate jobs to start their own businesses encounter a financial gap they cannot close. I teach a powerful system for building an income stream through paid speaking work, so you can close the gap and accelerate your earning potential beyond it.

In this course, I share hidden truths, best practices and clear teaching on how to BUILD your speaking business. Most speaking courses focus on what you do on stage or how to design a talk. My course goes FAR beyond this, because you need more than speaking skills to turn your stories and inspiration into a viable business.

We're in final production of the course and plan to release it in Q1. I hope you check it out, because it may change your life.

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I'm Jeff Grant and I've poured my heart into this immersion course to teach you how to succeed as a paid speaker.

On the heels of a 30-year career that included a successful mid-career leap into entrepreneurial work as a coach and speaker, I want nothing more now than to teach others how to create similar fulfillment in life.

I teach you how to professionalize your approach to the speaking business with best practices, templates, clear how-to steps and relentless motivation on topics spanning marketing, interviewing, negotiation, cross-selling and relationship management.

My aim is to support you in earning 10X more than you ever imagined you could for a speaking engagement, and then to do it again and again.